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Who We Are

We are the missing link between companies who are offering free samples and trials of CBD oils and people, like you, who are thinking about getting started using a CBD oil.

So whether you want to lower your chronic pain? Get rid of anxiety and stress? Improve your mood pattern and sleep, or something else? I am sure that we will have a sample offer ready for you to try out.

How It Works

The way FreeCbdOilSamples.com works is that we are releasing reviews of CBD oil products that are offering potential customers a sample or trial. We will typically rate it and give you our honest opinion of what we think about the product that is available as a sample.

If you like the product, all you have to do is to click on our links and head over to the product page of the given product. From here, you will be able to learn more and sign up for your sample.

Who Is Offering The Sample?

It is important to stress out as soon as you click on our external links, you are leaving FreeCbdOilSamples.com.

From here on, you will be dealing with the vender of the product you are interested in. He may or may not charge you for the shipping of the product.

All vendors have different terms and conditions when it comes to the length of the sample/trial period.

Some vendors may put you on an auto-shipping or recurring payment program. Others have other terms you will have to agree on when signing up.

Therefore it is recommended that you check the terms and conditions of the product before signing up. Usually, you can find it at the bottom of the product sales page. Remember not to mix it up with the terms and conditions of this site.

Who You Will Be Dealing With

With all products we are reviewing on FreeCbdOilSamples.com, you will be dealing with the vendor. They are the ones that will store your contact and credit card information and ship the product to you.

FreeCbdOilSamples.com is not holding your address or credit card information. We will not charge you in any for the shipping or the product.

Do We Make Money On This?

FreeCbdOilSamples.com is an affiliate site, which means we may or may not receive an affiliate commission if you decide to sign up for a sample or a trial.

That commission will not have any impact on your part or future purchase.


Remember, CBD oil is a great product that can help you out in many ways and give you some relief—trying before buying is a great way to test the waters and feel if it is something for you.

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